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Tests that focus on specific vulnerabilities

Up to date tests

Our array of tests lets you focus on specific well-known vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed. These tests are updated and expanded each time when there is a significant development in the 'hacker scene'. In addition we offer broader tests such as the WordPress Comprehensive Scan, which acts more as a checklist for everything that could weaken the security of your WordPress site.




shopping cart

Online ordering using our simple shopping cart

Easy online ordering

After selecting the tests to run and placing them in your shopping cart you're only a few moment away from having them started. The online order process will collect basic information such as your name and email address, ask you to prove that you own or maintain the target web site to be tested, and then proceed to payment (using PayPal). After the payment step order delivery will start immediately - the test or scan will be scheduled to run and you will receive an email when the resulting report is available.



report excerpt

A report including remediation advice

Detailed reports including advice when needed

The test report is to the point, and contains enough detail to pinpoint security issues. If needed it also contains remediation advice - clear steps that help you repair attention points and strengthen the defense of your site. If you need additional assistance at that point to interpret the report or implement needed steps you can contact our customer service. The service team consists of dedicated security specialists who understand the technical aspects that are involved, and who can help you take any further steps that are needed.


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